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Clark Gilbert explains that media outlets have a duty and opportunity to report on topics that really matter.

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With a traditionally underserved target audience that includes more than 56 percent of the country, articles delivered through Deseret News Service aim to resonate with hearts and homes across the country.

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Includes all 6 themes

Family - nothing matters more to your audience than their family and loved-ones. This feed ranges from in-depth, hard news coverage of issues affecting the family, to lighter, highly-social pieces Faith - with the exception of family, your audience prizes few things more than their faith. Our content explores how faith is lived within the community and how societal trends affect religious practice. Education - our global economy demands more effective, creative and productive workers. DNS content provides insight into how families can tutor the hearts and minds of their children.
Culture - Media that manipulates through violence and sexually explicit content comes with high social costs because it weakens our social fabric and destroys individual dignity. Causes - bring the concerns of the poor out of the shadows. Moneywise - in the wake of recent financial crises your audience is more in tune with the need for increased personal, corporate and public accountability.

Plus, a variety of articles from the themes below *volume and frequency varies.

• Health - Health, fitness, welnness, mommy medicine, healthcare policy
• Tech and gadgets - science, space, technology and gadgets
• Lighter side - around the web, humor, viral
• Seasonal - Easter, 4th of July, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more
• Food and recipes - great food ideas to help bring families together
• Headline news - local news making national headlines, strange news
• Politics - political coverage and commentary
• Voices - editorial, featured columnists, opinion
• En Español - Spanish language content covering a variety of topics (This optional theme is also available as a stand-alone feed)
• Em Português - Portuguese language content covering a variety of topics (This optional theme is also available as a stand-alone feed)

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Our stories come from award-winning professional reporters and thousands of writers, columnists, and contributors in our signature community network. These talented writers offer news for dinner table discussions by covering the people and issues that truly impact families in your market.

These stories target the large segment of our population that believes in being well informed, learns from different perspectives, values family, and longs for intellectually rigorous news and commentary to help them and their family live informed, faithful (to their values), happy, productive lives.

As a data-driven news service, focused on enterprising and innovative content, we seek to give your audience stories on topics they care about and can’t find anywhere else. These stories flow from six core areas of editorial emphasis: the family, excellence in education, financial responsibility, values in media, faith in the community and care for the poor.

We curate these stories into premium news feeds, and also allow publishers to create their own custom feeds. We also manage content channels that plug into partner sites, freeing our partners from having to curate and manage the content while generating ad revenue for both of us.