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How visual storytelling improves native ad performance

Laura Montoya, Client Success Manager, BrandForge, DDM

Laura shows how presenting information to audiences in an appealing, entertaining and efficient way can enhance your native advertising campaigns. read more

You’ve got time for brand review in 2017

Emily Hellewell, Managing Editor, FamilyShare Network, DDM

As media continues to be disrupted and fragmented, making sure your organization’s brand is strong in the eyes and minds of your audience is more crucial than ever. read more

Leaving lists: A return to storytelling

Kelsey Down, Manager, DDM Story Lab

Kelsey makes a case for why it's time for lists to take a backseat to really great storytelling. read more

Chris Lee delivers mobile disruption keynote in Asia

Photo gallery, Flikr

DDM's Chris Lee discusses the disruption of mobile and responding to the global duopoly of Google, Facebook at WAN-IFRA Digital Media Asia 2016 in Singapore. view photos

7 tips for a more collaborative newsroom

Whitney Evans, News Director,, DDM

Working with others and avoiding silos can lead to better, more efficient coverage on certain projects. read more

Native advertising and a really strong bullpen

Ryan Stephens, Global Business Development, BrandForge, DDM

We’ve already begun to hear whisperings that native advertising is doomed. We’ve started writing its obituary even before it has graduated from grammar school. read more

DDM Story Lab: Creating a culture of creativity

Chris Jones, Director, DDM Story Lab

An inside look at how DDM Story Lab is reimagining storytelling to better reach and engage audience. read more releases new site design

Burke Olsen, GM, Deseret News Digital, DDM

Along with updating our design and modernizing our code, we aimed to present a better, more intuitive and more consistent experience on mobile phones and tablets. read more

3 resources for interactive graphics

Ginny Romney, Web Editor,, DDM

So you want to better engage your audience and enhance your amazing journalism? Ginny shares a small arsenal of interactive tools that will help you become a data journalist in no time. read more 3 steps to reinvent a product and diversify revenue

Chad Taylor, General Manager,, DDM

Two years after acquiring, our team embarked on a massive rebrand, site redesign and business model overhaul. So how did we do it? These 3 steps. read more

How a Utah media company aims to take native advertising local

David Uberti, Columbia Journalism Review

David Iberti takes a look at what DDM has done well and not so well in native advertising. read more

Social media myths that are distorting publishers' strategies

Robbie Jenkins, Social Media Manager, Deseret News & National Edition, DDM

Calling out these myths is either the first step in changing your perceptions of your existing strategy or the first step in changing your strategy altogether. read more

That scary user feedback

Jen Land, Director of Product Management, Marketplace, DDM

Jen shows how 'scary' can actually mean 'really, super good.' read more

Newsroom baseball: the art & science of story posting

Josh Furlong, Assistant News Director,, DDM

Josh shares the story posting strategy that drives web editors. read more

These 4 questions will change how you write articles forever

Amberlee Lovell, Content Manager, FamilyShare, DDM

With millions of posts made every minute on social media, how do you make your content stand out? Start considering these four questions. read more

How 'Bewitched' lied to me about marketing

Justin Schroepfer, Director of Marketing, DDM

From social to data-driven story telling, Justin offers 3 tips for marketers in today's big data world. read more

DDM BootCamp goes to the Big Apple, and you’re invited

DDM Academy

On March 2-3, DDM is taking its renowned BootCamp to New York City. The two-day, high-intensity training will be hosted at CUNY. read more

What a semi-old print guy has learned from his digital friends

Aaron Shill, Content Director,

Aaron shares the opportunities and challenges he's faced transitioning from a print role to digital. read more

How to create a life hack video

Chris Jones, Dir. of Marketing & Syndication, DDM Publisher Solutions

In this final piece of our four-part series on video, we've made a video hack to teach the art of the life hack video – but it didn't go the way we expected. watch video

3 ways to battle decline in local commerce

Meagen Johnson, General Manager, KSL Local Commerce, DDM

What makes DDM's local commerce channels different? Meagen offers three ways. read more

3 types of sports contributors and how to motivate them

Aaron Morton, Web Sports Producer,, DDM

Aaron shares how contributors can strengthen your sports coverage and gives tips to motivate them for home run sports articles. read more

Why I exposed our family budget to our children

Steve Ostermiller | Scrum Master, DDM

Steve – a professional process and product development coach – decided to take his work home with him and was surprised by what happened. read more

AdBlockers: If you're not paying for the product...

Todd Handy, VP of Advertising & Performance, DDM

Todd proposes a way to work with our users to get a fair exchange for the content we provide. read more

The new news hub: Strategies for success

Doug Wilks, Managing Editor, News Division, Deseret News & KSL Broadcasting

Doug offers three points every newsroom should consider. read more

How to create an engaging 1-2 minute video

DDM Publisher Solutions

In part III of a IV part series on video, we've made a short video about making short videos! #inception Check it out! read more

3 reasons we love using Slack and robots to innovate

Justin Carmony, Director of Engineering,, DDM

Justin explains how Slack, a much-more-than-a-messaging tool, is helping DDM hit record goals. read more

3 steps for awesome native ad campaigns

Travis Miller, Partner Success Manager, BrandForge, DDM

What do football, American Idol, and your digital audience have to do with native advertising? Travis explains in three simple steps. read more

How live events grow audience and deepen community connections

Thompson Coles, Product Manager: Live Streaming & Video, DDM

In part II of a IV part series on video, Thompson takes a deeper dive into long-form video and explains DDM's strategy for covering live events. read more

Deseret Digital Media on a mission – Q&A with Chris Lee

WAN-IFRA, World News Publishing Focus

Deseret in the US is often lauded as the darling of digital transformation. Driving much of that change has been Chris Lee, President of Deseret Digital Media. read more

An inside look at DDM's video strategy

Russell Banz, VP of Products, DDM

Long, short & snack-size video: Russell lays out DDM's three-pronged approach to video and offers engaging examples of each. read more

6 things we learned moving to a responsive design

Steve Bergen, Mobile/UI Project Manager,, DDM

Our mobile/UI guru gives tips for navigating through the often daunting task of re-designing your news site. read more

9 keys to stronger native advertising (infographic), DDM

Our BrandForge team uses these simple but proven keys to unlock strong native ad campaigns for our partners. You'll find them helpful in your own native advertising efforts. read more

Mentoring: How to lead powerful change in your organization

Jen Land, Dir. of Product Management, Marketplace, DDM

Jen debunks three common mentoring myths and offers tips for inspiring others and affecting positive change. read more

5 keys of data-driven decision making

Mike Peterson, Digital Content Performance Analyst, DDM

Mike addresses five critical aspects of data governance that we are currently focusing on at Deseret Digital Media. read more

5 pillars of native advertising

Jake Berry, Business Development Manager, DDM

Here are two things we can do as publishers to ensure that our clients are maximizing the content value of their native advertisements. read more

2 ways to maximize value of native advertising with standout content

Morgan Jones, BrandView Content Manager, DDM

Here are two things we can do as publishers to ensure that our clients are maximizing the content value of their native advertisements. read more

4 things your web editors should be doing

Jackie Hicken, Web Producer,, DDM

Jackie shares 4 tips that have helped quadruple traffic over the past five years. read more

Markets find a way: Learning from European media companies

Matt Sanders, General Manager, DDM Publisher Solutions

Three things publishers can learn from the European news industry. read more

LMAIM: 3 top takeaways

Jake Hancock, Managing Editor, Deseret Connect, DDM

Fresh off this year’s LMA Innovation Mission, Jake offers his key takeaways from more than a dozen companies from New York to Silicon Valley. read more

LMAIM: 6 top takeaways

Todd Handy, VP of Advertising Strategy & Performance, DDM

Todd's shares his notes on what stood out most to him on the trip, including ways he thinks DDM could implement the changes. read more

Achieving symbiosis with Facebook's news feed

Sara Sluis, AdExchanger

AdExchanger's Sara Sluis explores how DDM's FamilyShare network monetizes with FaceBook. read more

How I learned integrated sales teams don't work

Dale Darling, VP of Sales, DDM

Dale shares some successes and failures on his and DDM's journey to digital-only sales teams. read more

8 headline tips to make your articles irresistible

Brittany Binowski, Senior Web Producer, Deseret News National, DDM

You've got awesome content, but no one is reading it. Now what? Try these tips to help your articles stand out from the crowd. read more

What NOT to do on social (Infographic)

DDM FamilyShare Network

Our social gurus at share this quick guide to getting social wrong. Find out what they didn't do on their journey to 100+ million follows. read more

5 ways to write articles people actually want to share

Katelyn Carmen, International Content Director, FamilyShare Network, DDM

Katelyn offers principles you can follow to improve your content and dramatically increase your page views. read more

Why DDM is so big on rubrics

Matt Hartvigsen, News Director,, DDM

It may not sound exciting, but this quirky word is behind a simple yet powerful decision-making process that gives employees freedom and managers peace of mind. read more

4 things you're missing without a vibrant contributor network

Jacob Hancock, Managing Editor, Deseret Connect, DDM

Jake shares four huge benefits that have come since we launched our contributor network five years ago. read more

10 lessons on leadership from Clark Gilbert

Chris Lee, President, DDM

As Clark prepares for his new role as president of BYU-Idaho, DDM President Chris Lee reflects on the legacy Clark will leave behind. read more

Is market data driving your new revenue strategy?

Grey Persons, Director, Borrell Associates

Grey discusses the changing media landscape and offers practical tips on how to use market data in the execution of revenue strategy. read more

Have you transformed your business? (Video)

Borrell Associates

Watch Clark Gilbert's 30 minute presentation on media transformation at Borrell's LOAC2015 watch video

Deseret's Clark Gilbert: the exit interview

Michael Depp,

Clark Gilbert, widely credited with helping to reframe the local digital media landscape, is leaving Deseret and the business next month to return to academia. As he does, he reflects on what he sees as his one real contribution – organizing the company to anticipate and adapt to change — and considers the challenges in diversification and distribution that still lie ahead for the industry.

Gilbert exhausted by a media biz still operating in digital neutral

Michael Depp,

Clark Gilbert emphasized the need for media companies to separate their digital businesses during Borrell Associates’ Local Online Advertising Conference." read more

Q&A: Driving digital transformation

Local Media Association with Matt Sanders

"Transformation isn't for the faint of heart, it is hard and it takes commitment, confidence and hope.If it were called adjustment, it would be much easier, but we are literally building a new media world," says Sanders in Local Media Today. read more

On native ads, good execution now key

Michael Depp,

“Now that native advertising has been accepted, publishers need to focus on improving its execution in order to make it a success. 'This is an opportunity that we don’t want to mess up,' says Deseret Digital Media’s Todd Handy." read more

Borrell's Persons' takeaways from DDM BootCamp

Grey Persons, Director, Borrell Associates

"The LMA DDM BootCamp will be among the most valuable investment of time and attention available," Persons writes in Local Media Today. read more

Enhancing journalism through interactive storytelling

Matt Montgomery, Web Developer, DDM

Matt explains how developers and journalist can work together to produce beautifully designed, highly engaging stories. read more

Writing to be read: 5 keys to a great article

Doug Robinson, Columnist, Deseret News

#4 Quotes are overrated. Award-winning columnist Doug Robinson shares tips and specific examples of writing to be read. read more

5 tips for mobile articles

Herb Scribner, Web Writer, Deseret News National

In this new age of online journalism, writing for mobile is a skill that writers need to master. Herb offers five tips on which to focus when writing for mobile. read more

The Eternal Question of Separating Digital Media Divisions (Video)


DDM's Clark Gilbert & Chris Lee split the keynote address at this year's Leading in Local conference. Part 1: Clark Gilbert on dual transformation. watch video

Finding mobile-ready revenue (Video)


DDM's Clark Gilbert & Chris Lee split the keynote address at this year's Leading in Local conference. Part 2: Chris Lee on diversify revenue streams, and specifically mobile-ready revenue. watch video

Transformation – the Deseret way

Nancy Lane, President, Local Media Association

"I attend a lot of conferences, events and training sessions. And I lead Innovation Missions and tours. Nothing in my career has compared to this experience at Deseret Digital." - Nancy Lane
read more

8 initial takeaways from DDM BootCamp

Chris Jones, Syndication & Innovation Wire, DDM

35 media executives, 20+ Deseret participants, 3 continents represented, 2 intense days – A quick recap of DDM BootCamp, Day One. read more

4 tips for selling native advertising

Jadon Andersen, Director of Sales, DDM

Jadon offers four points he has found helpful to educate advertisers on the advantages of native. read more

The DDM model for digital success

Matt Sanders & Chris Jones, DDM Publisher Solutions

Matt & Chris encourage publishers to stop trying to adapt the Internet into their existing businesses, and start adopting new audience-focused models for digital success. read more

Icebergs & design principles for digital media

Nate Barret, Director of Product Management, DDM

Nate shares five design principles the Deseret News digital team adapted to drive their product and website development. read more

Beneath the hood of a best practice company

Grey Persons, Borrell Associates

Grey Persons of Borrell discusses why he's excited to attend DDM's BootCamp in February. read more

Have you transformed your business? Webinar

Local Media Association

Clark Gilbert of Deseret News has a growing sense of frustration that much of the energy, talk, and even gritty hard work across the industry is missing this fundamental question. view webinar

3 incredibly simple ways to exercise creativity daily

Bobby Macey, BrandView Content Manager, DDM

Think you're not creative? Need more great ideas? Bobby shares three tips to boost creativity daily. read more

Clark Gilbert named new president of BYU-Idaho

Trent Toone, Deseret News

Clark Gilbert, current president and CEO of the Deseret News, was named the new president of Brigham Young University-Idaho at Tuesday's school devotional. read more

Clark Gilbert announced as new BYU-I president

Clark Gilbert was named Tuesday as 16th President of Brigham Young University-Idaho. read more

Clark Gilbert is leaving Deseret News, DDM

Rick Edmonds, Poynter

Poynter's Rick Edmonds discusses Clark Gilbert's career and impact at DDM, Deseret News and the industry in general following news that Clark will be leaving in April. read more

Top 6 priorities for 2015

Chris Lee, President, Deseret Digital Media

DDM President Chris Lee shares our top six priorities for our sixth year in business. These include objectives around mobile, data, culture and more. read more

The seven deadly sins of native advertising

Todd Handy - VP, Advertising Strategy & Performance

Are you guilty of these deadly native advertising sins, including number 1: not doing it? Todd identifies seven mistakes to avoid, including suggestions to right your wrongs. read more

Various DDM/Deseret News executives

What does 2015 have in store for your organization? We asked a number key decision makers at DDM to share their goals for the new year along with suggestions for our friends across the industry. read more

Checklist: 5 milestones to transformation

Charles Laughlin - BIA/Kelsey

Laughlin recaps Clark Gilbert's address at BIA/Kelsey's Leading in Local - Interactive Local Media conference in San Francisco. read more

Have you transformed your business?

Clark Gilbert - CEO, Deseret News & DDM

While looking back at DDM's five year history, Clark invites other media organizations to ask the question: Have you transformed your business? He also offers four measurable questions to help answer that and potentially guide your own transformation. read more

Solutions journalism: 7 tips for telling the whole story, restoring trust

Allison Pond - Associate Editor, Deseret News

Innovation isn’t just for strategy; it’s for content, too. Allison explains why the Deseret News has pursued a content strategy that goes beyond reporting on problems. read more

Succeeding in the real world of a dual transformation

Spencer Hall - News Director of, DDM

"The Web team shouldn’t do the 10 o’clock newscast and the TV team shouldn’t try to run the website." Spencer offers a practical glimpse at what it's like to work – and succeed – with dual transformation. read more

The argument against integration in newsrooms

Gerold Riedmann - CEO of Russmedia Digital

"Media companies should consider establishing one small team to target one product and one brand, ensuring priorities are appropriately aligned across the business," says Riedmann. read more

DDM named a top workplace

Burke Olsen - GM of, DDM

Deseret Digital Media was named a top workplace along the Wasatch Front in an employee satisfaction survey conducted by The Salt Lake Tribune. read more

Key to success: think web-only

Burke Olsen - GM of, DDM

Burke shares 5 tips to help news websites grow traffic and engage audience. read more

Building great digital products through iteration

Russell Banz - VP of Products, DDM

Russell explains how using an iterative design & development process leads to simple & successful products. read more

Revenue: Ask your U about their X

Eric Bright - VP of eCommerce, DDM

Eric offers a revenue alternative to traditional ads that he believes provides a stronger user experience. read more

Keeping content honest with plagiarism detection

George Lawton - Torque

Torque cites DDM's use of plagiarism detection software as part of its quality assurance process in the Deseret Connect platform. read more

Monetizing mobile: think native advertising

Kathy Haley - NetNewsCheck

NetNewsCheck reports on Chris Lee's presentation at LMA's Innovation Conference in Philadelphia. Chris advocates for native advertising as a mobile solution. read more

Record month for

Trent Toone - Deseret News, along with its associated websites and apps, soared past 50 million combined page views last month, setting a new all-time high mark of 54.3 million combined page views. read more

Charting a path to digital success

Matt Sanders - GM, Publisher Solutions, DDM

A news company’s digital transformation can be benchmarked in phases ranging from Exploration, to Launch, to Acceleration. Matt explains how to identify where you are, and how to get from one phase to the next. read more

3 tips to avoid missteps of native advertising

Jared Smart - Marketing & Monetization Coordinator, DDM

Native advertising – or sponsored content – offers great new ways to generate revenue and monetize mobile traffic, but it isn't without pitfalls. Jared shares 3 tips from the DDM FamilyShare network about doing native right. read more

3 ways publishers can think differently about digital

Chris Jones - Audience, Licensing & Syndication, DDM

Digital media is a different business. It is a different beast. Being successful requires thinking differently about our audience and how we meet its needs. read more

Lists: 5 tips to boost page views, audience trust

JJ Feinauer, Web Editor,, DDM

In this must-read for web editors, JJ corrects some misconceptions about lists as a content type, while offering 5 simple – but powerful – tips for creating them. read more

3 reasons you're not growing by 4 million followers each month

Saborn Va, Director of Social Media, DDM

Saborn identifies 3 areas you might be neglecting if you're not seeing the impressive social growth his team is generating at DDM. read more

Deseret Media content giving other publishers boost

Katherine Michalets, News & Tech

News & Tech explores how DDM's content syndication service is helping other media organizations by resonating with their audiences. read more

Gannett paper finds early success with DDM contributor platform

Bob Stover, Executive Editor, Florida Today

Bob Stover blogs about one community writer's experience using Brevard Connector to submit stories to Florida Today. read more

Passion without purpose is not passion

Saul Leal, GM of FamilyShare Network, DDM

Passion pages. They're fundamental to DDM's social strategy and are often credited with the company's 88M social followers. While they are a key differentiator for us, Saul shares other tips he believes are critical to their success. read more

5 tips for strong native advertising

Jake Berry, Business Development, DDM

Native. It's got everyone talking. Jake shares 5 takeaways from LMA's Native Advertising Summit along with DDM's more

Native ad biz closing in on $1 million

Erica Sweeney, NetNewsCheck

Erica Sweeney talks with Chris Lee, Todd Handy and Eric Bright about DDM's experience and early success with native advertsing. read more

This 6 letter word should drive core strategy

Chris Jones - Audience, Licensing & Syndication, DDM

It should be at the heart of your content strategy. The key to your ad strategy. The focus of your company culture. read more

Integrated sales teams don't work

Nancy Cawley Lane - President, Local Media Association

LMA renews push for publishers to finally separate sales teams, citing Russmedia and Deseret Digital as examples where it's working well. read more

Clayton Christensen source: By World Economic Forum from Cologny, Switzerland [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Clayton Christensen & disruptive innovation

Clark Gilbert - CEO, Deseret News & DDM

Clark Gilbert responds to The New Yorker in this Forbes article: What Jill Lepore Gets Wrong About Clayton Christensen and Disruptive Innovation. read more

When real time bidding meets real time pricing

Greg Dolan - Ad Ops & Yield Management, DDM

Greg Dolan discusses the lift his team has seen using real time bidding, a subset of programmatic advertising. read more

How today's disruptors find purpose in work

Chris Jones - Audience, Licensing & Syndication, DDM

From New York to Silicon Valley, Chris Jones found this one common thread among the truly innovative companies on LMA's 2014 Innovation Mission; their not-so-secret secret to changing the world. read more

Events: 4 steps to grow new revenue

Jed Call - VP Marketing & Development, Utah Media Group

Jed Call gives insight into what it takes for media organizations to diversify and create a new growth strategy through an events business. read more

Strengthening the core: 3 steps to survival

Chris Jones - Audience, Licensing & Syndication, DDM

Clark Gilbert shares three key steps to strengthen the core business and thrive in the wake of disruption, using the Deseret News as a case study. read more

Webinar: The art and science of story posting

Brett Atkinson - General Manager,

With the country's #1 TV news site,'s Brett Atkinson shares the strategy behind his site's tremendous success, including: understanding core user behaviors, strategic content publishing and Brett's favorite tools for analytics. request copy

Deseret News launches national site, series on Ten Commandments

Press Release

The Deseret News launched its new National Edition website with a special ten-part series on the state of the Ten Commandments in contemporary society. read more

Poynter: Ten Commandments series: ‘Not just preaching’

Andrew Beaujon, Poynter

Poynter looks at the launch of the Deseret News National website and ten-part series on The ten Commandments read more

Nieman: Local paper targeting national audience

Joseph Lichterman, Nieman Journalism Lab

Nieman Lab explores Deseret News strategy in "Religious but not Mormon? The church-owned Deseret News considers you a growth market." read more

Beyond language: reaching Latino readers

Patricia Dark - Editor, KSLespañol

Patricia blogs about her experience connecting with Hispanic readers at KSLespañ, and shares great tips and insights other newsrooms will want to know when trying to reach this rapidly growing, yet hugely underserved audience. read more

Revisiting disruption: 8 good questions with Clayton Christensen

Millie Tran - Editorial Coordinator, American Press Institute

Clayton Christensen weighs in on disruption and the media industry in this American Press Institute interview with Editorial Coordinator Millie Tran.

NPR News: The 'Father Factor' in kids' lives

Michel Martin - Host, Tell Me More

NPR host Michel Martin interviews Deseret News editor Paul Edwards about his paper's collaboration with The Atlantic. Martin goes beyond the media's fascination with a seemingly strange partnership to discuss the heart of the series: why dad's matter. read more

Digital decline: shift in ad conversation

Michael Depp -

"There was an important tonal shift at this year's Local Online Advertising Conference," reports Michael Depp on Hot topics included digital agencies and native advertising.

5 things every brand should do on Twitter

Bobby Macey - BrandView Content Manager, DDM

In Part I of a new series on social media, DDM's BrandView Content Manager shares best practices for maximizing social reach though Twitter. read more

The Atlantic, Deseret News team up for series

Spencer Hall - News Director,

Media insiders noted the launch of an unlikely collaboration between The Atlantic and the Deseret News. Each organization contributed two stories to a four-part series called The Father Factor. read more

Transforming DDM: 6 steps to agile

Steve Ostermiller - Scrum Master, DDM

DDM's guru of process dips into the company's 'secret sauce' and shares some of the fundamental steps that have lead to increased productivity and, ultimately, profitability at Deseret Digital. read more

Your intern is driving your strategy

Chris Jones - Audience, Licensing & Syndication, DDM

Clark Gilbert teaches about strategy, the key role of the resource allocation process, and how seemingly small, everyday decisions made across an organization affect its overall strategy. read more

Native advertising: content for commerce

Todd Handy - Vice President, Advertising Strategy & Performance, DDM

Todd weighs in on the native advertising discussion - sharing some of DDM's best practices and early successes with sponsored content. read more

DDM 2014 New Year's resolutions

Various members of Deseret Digital leadership

We asked a number key decision makers at DDM to share their goals for the new year along with suggestions for our friends across the industry. read more

Crossing the content chasm

Aaron Shill - Features Editor, Deseret News

Our features editor takes a candid look back at three years of working with contributing writers through Deseret Connect. read more

Digital agencies: proceed with caution

Chris Lee - President, DDM

Digital revenue growth requires a clear path to profitability. Chris writes about our experiences with KSL Local Interactive in the Local Media Association's December newsletter. read more | view source

Global media disruption: Latin America

Rodrigo Bonilla - WAN-IFRA

Clark Gilbert shares insight on dual-transformation in Latin America at the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers (WAN-IFRA) conference in Bogotá, Columbia. read more

Disruption 101

Suw Charman-Anderson –

Disrupters analyze the disruption on Forbes: Suw Charman-Anderson explores Clark Gilbert's six tips for growth - from a self-publisher's prospective.

Separate teams and redefined focus

Emma Goodman - WAN-IFRA

Transformation at the Deseret News: WAN-IFRA profiles Clark Gilbert and our organization's digital success in this World News Publishing Focus article. read more

Deseret syndicates its faith and family values coverage to GateHouse Media

Rick Edmonds - Poynter

Deseret News Service, which has focused a good share of its content on faith and family values issues, now is expanding that effort by syndicating the material to other publishers.

Drive local revenue using marketplace

Tom Grubisich - Street Fight

Eric Bright, VP of Commerce, spends time with Street Fight discussing how disruption can drive digital media companies.

Panel: Local news as a loss leader

Max Antonucci - Street Fight

Eric Bright, VP of Commerce, joins Mike Orren (Speakeasy) and Sean McDonnell (Propel Marketing) during a panel on an emerging agency model, SEO and website building at Street Fight Summit West.

6 tips for growth

Dena Levitz - American Press Institute

The American Press Institute reports on the 6 steps Clark Gilbert used to transform the Deseret News. read more

Two routes to resilience

Clark Gilbert, Matthew Eyring, Richard N. Foster - HBR

Clark, Matthew and Richard share strategy on disruption and digital transformation to help you rebuild your core while reinventing your business model in this Harvard Business Review article. read more

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